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A wealth of resources for sophisticated traders

Quantitative trading tools, analytics and
trading models covering all major asset classes.


Analysis of trends, dips, volatilty, correlations and more.


Momentum rankings, screening and analysis.


Detailed screening, ranking and analysis.

Market Research

Instant access to professional market analytics.

Quant Tools

Analyze and compare your own strategies, portfolio holdings analytics, correlation tools and more.

Trading Systems

Fully transparent, automated trading models covering futures, equities and ETFs.

Sample features

The premium site content keeps expanding.
These are some of the current contents.

Futures Analysis
Futures Overview
Trading Model Analysis
Correlation Matrix
Momentum Visualization
Index Factor Analysis
Ranking Tables
Position Size Calculator
Equity Market Analysis

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Cross asset trend analytics

Automated trading models

Term structure analysis

Momentum rankings

Equity curve analysis

Asset allocaton tools

Correlation tools

...and more!

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